The goal of the project is to improve the quality of public services related to youth entrepreneurship in the Cultural Sector within transnational partnership networks within two years.

lt is based on the creation of an European platform with online tools for youth workers, employment agents and volunteers working daily with young entrepreneurs.

The project partners are:

AEGARE (Spain), Creator European Consultants SRL (Romania), lzmit llce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey), DOREA Educational lnstitute WTF (Cyprus), European Regional Framework for Cooperation (Greece).



Specific goal 1: to improve the quality of public services related to youth entrepreneurship in the Cultural Sector within the networks of the transnational association, organizing exchanges of good practices and exploring areas of self-employment within the participating countries, sharing experiences and multiplying positive actions at the local level.

Specific goal 2: to improve skills in the areas of employment and self-employment for 20 youth workers, employment agents and volunteers from youth NGOs, youth centers, employment agencies or municipal social services.

Specific goal 3: tTo promote the concepts of entrepreneurship, self-employment and social economy among youth workers and employment agents.

Specific goal 4: implement AEGARE’s Business Angels network at European level.

Expected results:

-One training kit for youth workers and employment agents that includes innovative tools for entrepreneurship workshops to be used during the project and in future activities.

  • Development of computer resources to serve as training tools in non-formal employment
  • One database with training tools to promote youth entrepreneurship in the Cultural
  • Development of multimedia tools to promote examples / results of good practices of this
  • Development of competencies for 20 multipliers from five countries.
  • Consciousness among youth workers with regard to the creation of cultural enterprises by young
  • lncreased training and information of 800 youth workers on how directing activities for young
  • A cultural Business Angels network that operates in the five countries of the project and that facilitates the financing of business projects of the Cultural Sector for young
  • A study aimed at strengthening the role of entrepreneurship workshops in the EU.
  • A functional portal to provide tools and resources for youth workers to combat youth unemployment through the creation of business.
  • Web page: http://youthart.net/